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Authorization to ship human/exhumed remains or ashes to Italy requires that the documents listed below be submitted by the Funeral Home to the Consular Office. It is advised that processing requires 8 to 10 working days from the date the request and proper documentation are received.

  1. Two original death certificates with “apostilles” (see attached list of addresses);
  2. Ashes require a notarized cremation certificate (see attached form);
  3. Human/exhumed remains require an Affidavit from the City Health Department certifying that the death was not the result of a contagious disease;
  4. Human/exhumed remains require a notarized Affidavit from the Director of the Funeral Home (see attached form);
  5. Information sheet reporting the following:

a.       deceased’s full name (including maiden name if female); date and place of birth (city/province/state) and date and place of death (city/state);

    1. name, local address and phone number of a relative;
    2. first airport of arrival in Italy;
    3. city and province of cemetery in Italy;
    4. for the shipment of ashes only: name of the person who will  take the urn to Italy.
  1. Copy of deceased’s Italian passport.

Items 3 and 4 must be accompanied by a translation into Italian (see attached list if you need names of professional translators).

Fees are:

$39.90 for the “mortuary passport’;

$21.30 for the certification of the translation of items 3 and 4, when applicable.

Since these fees are subject to change, based on fluctuations in the rate of exchange, it is advisable to  contact the Consular Office for information on updated charges.

Upon receipt of the foregoing documentation the Consular Office will request authorization from the proper authority in Italy (Comune) for the remains or ashes to enter the Country. When authorization is received, the Consular Office will prepare the document that must accompany the casket or urn and contact the funeral home so that the document may be picked up.

Exhumed remains, following delivery to a major city, must use land transportation to the final destination. Air hearses are prohibited.



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